As America's longest continuously operating chocolate manufacturer, Ghirardelli has established its position as America's premium chocolate company. To maintain our signature intense chocolate taste, we select top quality beans from around the world, and subject them to rigorous proprietary testing. We are one of very few American manufacturers that make chocolate starting from the cocoa bean through to finished products. Throughout the process, we take special steps to ensure that our premium chocolate delivers our signature intense, smooth melting chocolate taste.

Ghirardelli Classic White Chips start with the highest quality ingredients, including whole milk powder and vanilla, to create a creamy signature sweetness in these velvety smooth white baking chips. From Two Tone Fudge to White Mousse, you'll find yourself dreaming up new ways to use them.

  • Ghirardelli is the premium baking brand in the U.S. because we use our expertise in chocolate to create high quality baking products that have luxuriously deep flavor and smooth texture
  • With Ghirardelli, you can create impressive, yet easy-to-make deserts
  • Intensely rich and perfectly balanced taste
  • 11 ounce bags
  • Made in USA